Catching Them Young: WOFAN School’s Young Farmers Practice Integrated Agriculture

Pupils of WOFAN Comprehensive Schools are now advancing modern agricultural practices by integrating crop production and fish farming in the School’s Farmers’ Corner which consists of a screen house and a modern fish pond.
The pupils, who are members of the School’s Young Farmers’ Club, cut across all the classes in the Primary and Junior Secondary sections of the School. They are currently involved in the all-year production of vegetables like cucumber and tomato. After learning theories in the classroom, they go to the School’s Greenhouse to practice by actually planting and raising the crops.
This gives them practical hands-on experience and also whets their appetite for crop production, making them real young farmers in practice and indeed.
In addition, the pupils, having learned the advantages of integrated agriculture, are also learning and practicing fish farming by raising a shoal of catfish in the school’s ultra-modern mini fish pond. And, all the pupils are excited about practicing both crop production and fish farming together.
Speaking at the end of one of the agricultural science classes held at the fish pond, Khalifa Ahmad, a Basic Class 2 pupil enthused that he could now produce food for his whole family.
Asked why he thought so, he explained that he now knows how to grow vegetables.

He said that, as a member of the Farmers’ Club, he had already learned how to grow beans and also manage poultry. “Now, I am learning how to grow tomato, pepper, and other vegetables and raise catfish. This means I know how to produce many things that we eat at home. So, as a young farmer, I can produce the food that my family needs to grow healthy and strong”, he said, with very strong conviction.
Also speaking, during an interaction with members of the Young Farmers’ Club, the School Proprietress, Hajia Dr. Salamatu Garba expressed delight at the knowledge and enthusiasm of the pupils.
Addressing the young farmers, she said, “I am glad to know that all the pupils are showing so much interest in agriculture, especially, integrating crop production and animal husbandry in all forms. I am especially happy because integrated agriculture is the future of this country as it is the only way the sector can expand opportunities for young people like you.
“I therefore urge you all to continue to find innovative ways to integrate crop production and animal husbandry to make agriculture more efficient and profitable in Nigeria.”
WOFAN School’s agricultural science department is supported by WOFAN’s Project Office and agronomists drawn from both the public and private sectors to expose the pupils to world best practices in integrated agriculture while making it fun.

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