Unity and confidence-building exercises and presentations by WOFAN Comprehensive NURSERY and PRIMARY school pupils, during the graduation and end-of-session school ceremony for the 2018 academic session. We look forward to welcoming our returning pupils and new intakes from Playgroup, Nursery, Primary, and Junior Secondary groups of schools.
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WOFAN Comprehensive Primary and Secondary Schools held its Carrier Talk program attended by Parents and Teachers. The Talk is organized to boost student’s general performance. At the end of program, prizes were presented to students who displayed excellent performance.
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Primary and Secondary School Pupils Make Shoes through Hands-on Learning as WOFAN School Strengthens Technical Education. WOFAN Schools’ vision of producing students that are not only employable but also have the skills and technical know-how to become entrepreneurs and employers of labour has continued to grow as students in both primary and secondary sections have learned...
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