Catch Them Young: Nurturing Green Thumbs at WOFAN Comprehensive Schools and Islamiyya

WOFAN Comprehensive Schools and Islamiyya is delighted to bring you an exciting update on our school’s dedication to cultivating a love for agriculture from a young age. Under the banner of “Catch Them Young,” our school gardening project, expertly guided by our agronomist specialist, is flourishing with boundless enthusiasm.

WOFAN Comprehensive Schools and Islamiyya students are not just participants, they are active contributors to a greener future. Picture young minds turning used materials like sacks and plastic containers into vibrant beds of diverse crops. The school garden is not merely a project, it’s a living classroom for sustainability and climate-smart agriculture practices.

The initiative extends beyond the classroom, instilling discipline and self-reliance in our students. “Catch Them Young” inspires these budding agriculturists to carry the spirit of cultivation into their homes, proving that a love for agriculture can thrive even in minimal space.

A heartfelt thank you to each member of our community for being an essential part of this venture towards a greener and more sustainable future. Your support is the catalyst driving our commitment to nurture not only young minds but also a profound love for nature.

As we continue to nurture our school garden, we invite you to stay connected for more updates. Witness our green oasis blossoming, sowing the seeds of a new generation passionate about sustainability and environmental stewardship.  

Join us on this vibrant journey as we “Catch Them Young” and empower our students to be the stewards of a greener tomorrow

With such passion from children like Fadil and his friends, it is safe to say that Nigeria’s green revolution is on course and its nutrition and food security targets will be met very soon.

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